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price movement

Analysis: Bitcoin Price Still on a Decline?

According to today's updated Bitcoin price analysis, the exchange rate has been drawn back to yesterday's low of near $473. The trend is still pointing down, and the indicators show scope for further...
Powering CCN

Newly Acquired Accepts Bitcoin

Twitch, the online streaming platform beloved by geeks and gamers from all over the world, started accepting Bitcoin, following an announcement made a few weeks ago. Bitcoin was just one of many payment...
Powering CCN
Powering CCN
proof of stake vs work

Bitcoin’s Future: Proof-of-stake vs Proof-of-work

It's no secret that merchants who immediately sell their Bitcoin for fiat currency create downward pressure on the Bitcoin price, but the merchants aren't the only people to blame. The proof-of-work (POW)...
amt customer

Interview With Dan Gul: AMT Skype Chat Customer1

Joshua Zipkin's leaked Skype chat with customers from his business, AMT, has gone viral, but its legitimacy has been in question until today. Dan Gul, you might remember him as "customer1" from the chat...
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karpeles interview

Mark Karpeles Responds to Critics

The Bitcoin community was in uproar recently after news emerged that Mark Karpeles, the ex – CEO of the now defunct MT Gox, once the largest Bitcoin exchange which allegedly “lost” 850,000 bitcoins to...
Interview With Jacob Wheeling Owner/CEO of ZigHash

Interview With Jacob Wheeling Owner/CEO of ZigHash

Interview With Jacob Wheeling Owner/CEO of ZigHash In the continuing search for reliable vendors and manufacturers there are many options, and we always need to be vigilant and aware of the company or...
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