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Flappycoin Community In Disarray

Flappycoin Community In Disarray

Flappycoin has had a troubled time despite a recent rebirth attempt by a well-meaning community. Flappycoin, a commonly considered 'crap-coin', has seen increased community activity in the past few...
bitcoin boulevard

Welcome to Bitcoin Boulevard

There's a beautiful road in the Midwest where Bitcoin has a place to stay. Welcome to the Cedar and Lee district, adoringly nicknamed Bitcoin Boulevard (of the US). This stretch of the street is located in...

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CryptFolio: The Altcoin Trader’s Dream Come True

One "necessary evil" task that plagues all cryptocurrency traders, is tracking their entire altcoin portfolio across multiple exchanges, wallets, and mining pools. CryptFolio has done an amazing job at making...
Crypto-Forex 101

Crypto-Forex 101 Tutorial Gets Right To It With No BS

It's no wonder why so many aspiring cryptocurrency day traders are getting taken to the cleaners, given the fact that there's precious little truly reliable (i.e. quality) information on this very topic. Leave...
bitcoin phoenix rises

Bitcoin: The Pheonix Rises

(1) Bitcoin was worth $1135 at the end of 2013. (2) Bitcoin value has been in free fall since Christmas. These two facts are often quoted, and although both are largely, technically, true, the majority of...