Litecoin news is the second most demanded news for cryptocurrencies. We provide you with both Litecoin trading analysis and Litecoin investment advices. Litecoin may be the next big thing after Bitcoin, and is currently the second largest cryptocurrency in the world with a market capitalization of more than 200 million US dollars.

Litecoin is a cryptocurrency based on the Scrypt algorithm which make them more resistant against ASIC mining. Some may say that ASIC mining has destroyed the decentralization of Bitcoin (and Bitcoin itself). That can be understood after the recent increase of hashing power almost enabling them to do a 51% attack on Bitocin and double spend. This might happen to Litecoin as well if ASIC mining rigs are being develop to the cryptocurrency. We will either way always update you on the news.

Weekly Litecoin News

We strive to bring you the most up to date Litecoin news as they happen. If you have any news tip about Litecoin or if you want to write about LTC you can always contact crypto (at) with an inquiry. You can also find us in the Cryptocurrency news chat here.

Litecoin News

Litecoin News

Some may argue that Litecoin is just another altcoin  with no future. We believe there will be a place for Litecoin and other digital currencies as well, but how the future will look like is hard to tell. That’s why it’s so fun to watch the news and try to understand the global shifts when it comes to Litecoin adoption.

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