Bitcoin price to reach 2000 USD by the end of February 2014

Posted 3 months ago

Bitcoin price to reach 2000 USD by the end of February?

Bitcoin price to reach 2000 USD by the end of February?

Look at the graph above. Just in a couple of days we have seen a massive buy of Bitcoins pushing the price up to more than 1000 USD on Mt. Gox. When I was checking the prices today, I did not expect them to be even higher than they was yesterday. Usually after a big run, they tend to fall sharply until they rise again. This does not seem to have happened.

I wrote a post yesterday describing why the sudden increase in the Bitcoin price happened. Gordon Geeko followed up with a more comprehensive analysis. As I am looking at the development right now with very little bad news coming out for Bitcoin (at the moment) I strongly believe we will hit 2000 USD in a couple of weeks.

Take a look at the trend graph below:

Do you see the trend?

Do you see the trend?

This clearly shows that we are now going to push the value of Bitcoin above the record high of 1242 USD. When? Very soon. By the end of February 2014 I believe we are above 2000 USD per Bitcoin. That is my prediction.

What do you think?

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3 Responses

  1. Pascal

    I think it’ll drop before that. Currently waiting for chinese new year (effective ban on BTC in China) and the US government report before buying in.

  2. oligarch

    after US report and chinese ban price will drop a bit for a while.


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