BREAKING NEWS: mcxNOW is back up with improved wallets and new features

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mcxNOW is back up after more than two months with trading being on hold except for Mincoin and Solidcoin. We wrote about mcxNOW shutting down for a period of time because the creator and operator of mcxNOW, Real Solid, explained that he was overloaded with customer support issues. The new and improved mcxNOW Bitcoin trading exchange have a set of new features that will remove some of the customer support load. Real Solid promises an improved user experience.

mcxNOW is Back Up and Improved

mcxNOW is Back Up and Improved

The new features on mcxNOW includes:

• Pro trader chat added, mcxBUX added and now required to buy pro trader and paybans. mcxBUX generated by chatting and referrals.
• Upgraded wallet system that will remove issues with withdrawals.
• Updated Terms of Service

Interview with Real Solid

What is your ultimate goal with mcxNOW?
- Bring down the world’s banking system, mcxnow is the only bank in the world which gives you 6 hourly interest payments.

How long can you continue with having only one employee? Will you hire a team in the near future?
- A long time due to my new support Terms and Condition. mcxNOW will be the exchange for smart people.

Can people feel safe putting their crypotcurrencies in your exchange and what are your guarantees against losses?
- I haven’t lost a single satoshi yet, but, who knows, life be crazy. Unlike other exchanges, the fact that mcxNOW is custom built makes it incredibly difficult for a hacker to know any tricks.

That were all the questions we got answers to before Real Solid dived back into his cave of secrets.

mcxNOW also includes interest on deposits for all the different cryptocurrencies listed, including the opportunity to buy mcxFEEs that will give you a % revenue from mcxNOW’s total income.

Try for yourself and set up your own mcxNOW account here.

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  1. Justas

    The problem with a one-man-operation, custom-coded site is if something happens to this guy there will be no one to help you. At the very least, don’t keep your coins in the site wallet.

  2. jo

    Thanks cryptocoins news, I was wondering when MCxnow would be back up! and presto you let me know straight away! any more forecasts on primecoin?

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