HexFury: The First 11gh/s+ USB Miner

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The HexFury is a new USB miner on the Bitcoin mining scene that throws out the window the 5 gh/s barrier that seemed to be the limit with USB powered miners.
It uses 6 BitFury chips and the OneString board design to achieve a high output while drawing the small amount of power available to it through a typical USB powered hub.

Rafal from ASIC Runner sent me a sample of one the first production units.



I have to say I am impressed.
It is still tiny. Nearly as small as my BiFury 5 gh/s unit and very cleanly built.
I plugged it in and the driver set it up automatically. Then firing up MultiMiner it was detected in a snap.
I started mining, and it immediately popped up to 9.2 gh/s with no tweaking. (There is a display bug with the current BFG/MM driver that is being worked on. The HexFury’s hash rate shows properly on the “effective” output column and the pool dashboard but does not display correctly in MM’s “Current” hash rate monitor.)
Once the HexFury miner had operated for 20 minutes it worked it’s way up to 10.73 gh/s and has stayed there for days now. I am also able to push it to 12 gh/s on my USB Hub without extra power by changing the oscillator bits to 54. The HW rate stayed well under 3%. With a USB hub that can provide more power at the port level or USB power injector you should easily be able to push it to 15 gh/s and above easily. It did all this without breaking a sweat. It stayed between 45c and 48c the whole time even with six chips.

The HexFury is based on the OneString Miner setup that Ben at BtcGuru uses for their OneString miners only the HexFury has been adapted to a USB powered form factor.

Here are the specs posted on the sales thread on BitcoinTalk.

LordTheron (Rafal):  I would like to announce that Hex•Fury, 6 Bitfury chip USB Stick Miner is in stock and sales will start on the 22nd of March 2014.

Hex•Fury is a beautiful and very efficient USB miner designed by c-scape and intron, whom I’d like to thank for their amazing work. Well done guys

Hex•Fury is not just a “pretty face” but also is a proper runner, with hashing speed around 11GH/s out of the box and up to 15Gh/s overclocked, it is a perfect toy for people who like to “tinker” with things. 6 Bitfury chips deliver solid and stable performance with almost no HW errors and low power draw.

Hex•Fury Facts

No. of chips: 6 Bitfury chips,
Hashrate: ~11GH/s out of the box, up to 15GH/s overclocked,
Power usage: ~0.86W per GH,
Dimentions: 26x60mm without USB plug,
Voltage: 5V stock, max 5.5V overclocked,
Power requirement: 2-2.5A to get full speed,
Supported software: cgminer 3.8.2 and up, BFgminer 3.7.0 and up.

I was so surprised that it just worked so easily in both MultiMiner and cgminer with the same results I asked Rafal for an interview and despite being extremely busy setting up his new company and website he took the time to answer some of my questions.

SF: Could you tell me in your words about the HexFury miners and how the development went?

Rafal: Hex*Fury was born last year and has been designed by c-scape and intron. Initially, we had some doubts about it as six chips would draw too much power and generate too much heat for such a small device, but thanks to c-scape and intron who came up with this amazing One String design we have the Mighty Hex*Fury to play around with. Development went without many problems, but the biggest problem we have faced was the lack of Bitfury chips on the market, which delayed the release a bit. We have only manufactured a limited batch of Hex*Furys to find out how it’s going to be received by community and so far we are hearing very good reviews and have happy customers.

SF: What are Key Features of the HexFury miners that you want to stress over the competition?

-Novel One String design
-Speed of 12+GH out of the box on 2.5A hub (more than twice as fast as fastest competitor)
-Competitive Cost per GH
-Huge overclocking potential 15+GH

SF: What is your website and GB info and do you ship world wide?

Rafal: My website is ASIC Runner and yes we do ship worldwide. You can also find our thread on BitcoinTalk forums.

SF: How has Bitcoin changed your life?

Rafal: Bitcoin is awesome technology, not just as a coin but as a protocol. For me, it meant that, thanks to ASIC’s I have learned how to build miners that I’d never thought I’d be able to do. It put me in touch with many amazing and like-minded people that otherwise I may have never met, and many other things that wouldn’t have happened if bitcoin were not here.

SF: Do you have anything specific you would like to say or add or upcoming product announcements you would like to publicize?

Rafal: We have a couple of projects that we are working on, but I cannot say much more yet. Keep an eye on our thread on BitcoinTalk and our website for more news in coming weeks.

SF: One last question. Do you have a setup guide somewhere that we can refer new users to that shows setting up and Over Clocking for the HexFury?

Rafal: At the moment we do not have any setup guides. Hex is like any USB stick, plug, install the driver and mine away. There is going to be a new thread on BitcoinTalk forum dedicated to setup and overclocking. More info will come to our Hex*Fury thread on forums.

Dogie has added a detailed guide over on BitcoinTalk.

ASIC Runner and Rafal are also committed to getting the hardware in customers hands as fast as they can while being sure that the quality it is still kept high. He does not do pre-orders. He only sells stock units and does not take money for future orders.

It is a nice trend that I see with many of the new manufacturers that they are not going to go the pre-order route and will instead work to gets units into miners hands as quickly as possible. I hope that as companies like ASIC Runner grow that it makes the bigger manufacturers take notice. The main company that does ship on time and does not do long pre-orders is Bitmain. Butterfly Labs, KNC and so many others had better take notice as their pre-order cash stream is going to dry up as new competent manufacturers and vendors give people products immediately for their money.
Lately, I have seen ASIC Runner; BtcGuru and Bitmain step up to the plate. Other companies like Noncetech are committed to only doing pre-orders once their products are developed and in production shipping quickly instead of months and months out.

The HexFury is an excellent USB miner with power ready to go right from the start. With easy overclocking, it has the potential to do even more.

Rafal and ASIC Runner are making USB miners that are no longer 2 to 5 gh/s but 11+ gh/s with more in development. With new versions of the BitFury and other chips coming out that, are even more power efficient it will be interesting to see just how far they can push USB powered miners.

Current first production run pricing.
1-9 Units price is £160+Vat each -> $265 each
10-49 Units price is £155+Vat each -> $255 each
50+ Units Please Contact ASIC Runner

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14 Responses

  1. Theguyuk

    This products sales pitch is flawed as a not ROI toy and to play with or learn Bitcoin mining
    Just buy a 21 GBP pound 1.6 to 2 GH usb miner. You will learn just the same and spend less cash.

    Other options Just CPU mine with this software https://www.eobot.com/new.aspx?referid=24289

    Just for fun or try Cloud mining in the right place at the time of writing you could buy over 45 GH of power to cloud mine Bitcoin!

  2. Claus Lehmann Munch (@clausmunch)

    So, I would love to experiment more with BitCoin etc. (did so a couple of years ago, before it got “hip”).
    Is this one worth the money, when taking into account, that I am a novice?
    I know it’s a hypothetical question, but when would a stick like this “break-even” if ever?

    • Avatar of Scott Fargo
      Scott Fargo

      Claus, it is great you are interested in getting back into Bitcoin.
      This stick might not break even at current Bitcoin prices for a couple of years.
      That being said it is a great unit to start with due to it being simple to setup and faster than all other USB stick miners out right now. I view it as a good investment and tool to learn with.
      You can easily run it will MultiMiner which is a GUI interface for BFGMiner. http://www.cryptocoinsnews.com/news/multiminer-mining-made-easy/2014/03/02
      Links to MultiMiner downloads are in my article.
      Enjoy and Happy Mining.

  3. skeet skeet

    my calcs say this will take 2 years and 244 days to pay back running at 11ghs with no increase to difficulty(never going to happen) and with this usb miner using 0 power, eadc show me something worth the time and power and price

    • Avatar of Scott Fargo
      Scott Fargo

      Units like this are not really about a ROI. They are really the hobby class of miners. It is a great way to get into and learn mining. The next run of these will be cheaper I am told as well making them much better deals.

  4. g0re79

    At current prices and diff You´ll get its price back in 1Y. Although its nice toy, with increasing diff, It can never ROI.

    • Avatar of Scott Fargo
      Scott Fargo

      gore That is just the way it is being marketed as well. It is also good for someone who is just getting into mining and wants to learn about it before making a huge investment.
      Also this is the first production run the next run will be less expensive.

      • g0re79

        It should be cheaper, as one BitFury chip is about 5 bucks..

  5. Avatar of Scott Fargo
    Scott Fargo

    Thanks Drew.
    The HexFury is a SHA-256 based miner. It will not mine doge but there are whole host of coins you can mine with it. I actually mined Peercoin with it during the tests as well as Bitcoin. It works great.
    There are more things to come from this vendor as well. I cannot wait to share them.

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