Lily Allen regrets that she did not take the gig that was paying “hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins”

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Lily Allen has confirmed that she was offered hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins back in 2009 for streaming a live gig on Second Life. She did not think much of the offer and declined it instantly. Now she is regretting her choice.

Since the virtual currency is worth more than 900 USD she would have been worth 90 to 180 million dollars more today if she just had said yes to the offer from Second Life. A big mistake anyone?

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4 Responses

  1. JamesDThomson

    Please let Lily Allen know that I will pay her 1 MILLION Ðogecoins to play a gig at my birthday party.

    • Ahrramin

      @JamesDThomson HAHAHAHAHAHAA Dude that would be an awesome dilemma she would face xD

  2. Philihp

    That’s not how it works. This lady missed out on a few thousand dollars. The price of Bitcoin in 2009 was only a few cents per. She would have likely converted it back to her native currency immediately and still missed out.

    Everyone regrets not getting some Bitcoin in 2009, we can “what-if” news articles all day about it.