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I am a teenager in high school who is very interested in digital currencies. I enjoy researching Bitcoin and other digital currencies, but my favorite crypto is Dogecoin. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

Using iPhone
Miami Beach
An image of a long, thin blue strand that spreads itself out in seemingly random directions. It wraps around itself several times. The background of the image is red.
A picture of a USB hub, a device that allows someone to plug multiple USBs into it. This hub allows for 10 USBs; currently, seven Block Erupter USBs are plugged in to it. The USBs are about one inch wide by two inches long. The USBs have a design printed on the front: a B with two lines going through it (similar to the dollar sign). A fan is in the last port of the USB hub, and is pushing air over all of the USBs.
Cyborg Hand