Bitcoin Press Release: With almost 5000 users, Bitcoin mining platform offers the markets easiest mining system. While still allowing access to cutting-edge technology, 99.9% up time and a generous referral program. enables users worldwide to mine Bitcoin fast and secure and has since launch in November 2015 gained almost 5000 users. In order to ensure the ultimate Bitcoin mining experience Bitminer featured a minimalistic and user-friendly interface; without compromising efficiency and speed. incorporates the latest developments and trends to ensure the widest range of features available to its users. In order to ensure the highest profitability, offer advanced statistics and guarantees a stable hash rate and immediate mining payouts.


// Let us help you become financially independent. Read exclusive stories, bitcoin analysis, and tutorials. Use the coupon code "CCN5" and get $5 off. Join now. // has an internal trading market offering BTC/USD and USD/BTC coin-pairs, with the same simple and fast strategy that is cohesive for the whole platform; with a market competitive fee of 0.2% . features its own Vault where the user receive 0.25% weekly interest on the active Bitcoin balance, a total of 1% per month. The interest is sent automatically based on the funds in the users’ account. also offer a prosperous referral program where users can invite friends using their referral link and earn 1 GH/s for every $5 deposit.

With a fully automated system users can store Bitcoin and buy GH/s independently and without any process time. Withdrawals are confirmed by users with e-mail confirmation. The team offers 24/7 technical support and are always on alert to make the site run smoothly.

Get started: has developed a simple way to begin mining Bitcoin with minimum time required. The miner simply sign up and login by following the simple form. After creating a new account the miner will be redirected directly to the dashboard. From the dashboard the user can easily deposit Bitcoin, and buy Ghs. The mining begins immediately, and payouts are shown in the individual profile daily. The client is free to check the stats, earnings and make withdrawals on their account at any time, or to increase their Ghs to optimize their daily earnings.

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