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Recently, many Altcoin teams have chosen to send giveaways to Bitcoin holders to promote their products. For example, the Stellar team plans to send out 16 billion Lumens, and the Byteball team also decides to give Byteballs to Bitcoin owners monthly. However, for many Bitcoin rookies, it is inconvenient to follow up the news and to claim those coins.
Bixin, as one of the most prominent Bitcoin platforms in China, has recently shared those surprise packets with its wallet users. By exchanging the Altcoins received into Bitcoins, Bixin has already, and will continue to send the Bitcoin earnings directly to its wallet users. 
“We shared about $2 Million worth of Bitcoins with our users in just one week.” Guanggen Wu, COO of Bixin, said, “If you had 1 BTC in your wallet last week, now your balance would be 1.019 BTC.” Namely, within just one week, thanks to the generosity of the Stellar team and the Byteball team, the earning rate for Bixin wallet users were close to 2%.
It looks like such giveaways would become a routine in the cryptocurrencies world. According to the schedule, the Byteball team will give out the second round of Byteballs on August 8th. Wu said, “we will keep on sharing the gifts with our wallet users.”


Posted by Tom Clancy