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HYPER is a digital currency with settlement times up to twenty times faster than Bitcoin. It is specifically catered to the needs of online gaming environments.

HYPER is a digital currency with settlement times up to twenty times faster than Bitcoin. It is specifically catered to the needs of online gaming environments.

Ever heard of HYPER? HYPER is a peer-to-peer digital currency with settlement times twenty times faster than Bitcoin. To make it special, the currency is designed for use in online games, MMOs, virtual worlds and more. A cryptocurrency designed to bring the world stable monetary growth outside of traditional banking and to specifically cater to the needs of online gaming environments. It’s a concept that we haven’t seen before.

Created for online gaming

To start off, it seems a good idea to explain what HYPER is. The developer described the currency as follows:

“Essentially, HYPER is a low energy cryptocurrency designed for use in online games, MMOs, virtual worlds and more. The currency is currently used in Counter-Strike, Minecraft, and Zandagort – a space-based strategy MMO game server we are running where an in-game free market trading platform for HYPER is being currently developed.”

The gaming aspect of HYPER is what makes it stand out from other cryptocurrencies. Of course, this is not the only interesting aspect about this new coin. HYPER is low energy as it is a 100% proof of stake coin. The people who have HYPER in their wallet support the network by keeping their wallet open. By doing so, they will mint new coins with their computer as a reward for supporting the network. This approach eliminates the otherwise unavoidable introduction of high-end ASICS which is so often the case with other cryptocurrencies.



So if HYPER has launched already, why haven’t we all heard of it before? “Although I have been mulling over the details of HYPER and the cryptocurrency space MMO for over a year, HYPER was launched with very little fanfare on May 25th, 2014, on the bitcointalk forums. Looking back a pre-ANN would have been much better for the coin, but this is my first coin, and hindsight always makes things easier,” said HYPER’s developer. While hindsight does make things easier, building up a great hype on bitcointalk forums is not always the best approach. Too many coins did this and failed to live up to expectations in the end. A rather shy launch shows the public that a coin wasn’t developed for quick gains. By doing so, it makes people believe that the developer is in it for the long run.

Future plans

Since the launch in May, HYPER made quite some progress. There are four online game servers that use it as a currency. The HYPER MMO development team already counts ten team members, including authors, artists, coders, gamers, a project manager, sounds designers and more. In the near future, HYPER will add even more servers to its arsenal. These will include a World of Warcraft Arena monthly tournament, a Team Fortress 2 and a Just Cause 2 server.

As it is now, HYPER is building up quite some credibility in a very competitive market. To make sure the currency can survive the future, HYPER has some plans ready. “A key priority is the launch of the alpha of the core HYPER MMO, which is tentatively scheduled for June 2015. Ultimately, if HYPER reaches a high enough market cap, a company will be founded as a legal structure for the management of the HYPER MMO. There is no ETA on this possibility, and it will be announced publicly if we move forward with founding a HYPER company. Beyond the MMO, we have plans for HYPER to be added to many more online games and servers. There is enough HYPER to continue paying substantial bounties to developers who add HYPER into their online game worlds and servers. Increasing the HYPER functionality on existing HYPER game servers will also be a priority.”, said HYPER’s developer.

With team members in North America, Europe, and Asia, HYPER is a truly decentralized currency project anyone anywhere can participate in. In the weeks ahead, a number of convenient fiat and credit card payment gateways will become available, making it easy for gamers to buy HYPER with USD using any major credit card and PayPal. For the time being, U.S. exchange is the most popular market for buying or selling HYPER. Soon, U.S. exchanges CoinMKT and AltMarket will also offer HYPER trading on their platforms.

Looking to find out more on HYPER? First and foremost, pay a visit to the official HYPER website at You can read the full interview with its developer at Bitcoinprbuzz. It contains more information about how and why the coin was created, as well as a technical sheet with all the currency’s data. There’s the official thread at Bitcointalk and for last-minute updates, make sure to follow their Twitter feed at

If you want to get some HYPER for yourself, check them out at Bittrex. You can find the HYPER market at .


Posted by Christoph Marckx

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