Read Bitcoin Mining Pool Is Unapologetic Over Risk Of Theoretical 51% Attack here.

Updated: June 12, 2014 at 3:30 pm CET.

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  • stewpendousman4444

    in nash we trust:

    iamnash satokoto

  • 43Services

    The problem is that and just work.

  • LisadeBoer

    Clvnthbld LisadeBoer 
    Well i switched to Bitminer for now, just to be at the save side.
    My scrypt mining is still at

  • Clvnthbld

    LisadeBoer It’s not very likely, but it is an unnecessary risk. The point of Bitcoin is to be decentralized and we certainly need to remain on that side.

  • Clvnthbld

    AnilGurung This is retarded? I was thinking hyperbolic, but okay.

  • AnilGurung

    nowadays your news are just getting retarded and retarded.

  • LisadeBoer

    I do not think Ghash will launch a 51% Attack.

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