A user on Reddit just explained that he was able to withdraw 60 Bitcoins from Cryptsy even though his balance was 0. His current balance is now -60. This guy must be one of the most honest Bitcoin users out there, letting Cryptsy know about the failure and even sending the Bitcoins back. As he says, it is someone elses Bitcoins. Creds for this guy.

He writes:

I have sent back the 60 BTC I was mistakenly able to withdraw from Cryptsy. If this affected you too, please do the same. Don’t take someone else’s bitcoin. Xmas is coming up : )


We advice all of our readers to withdraw their OWN Bitcoins, and other Altcoins, from Cryptsy NOW – UNTIL they have fixed the security issue and we have proof of it working correctly by a neutral Bitcoin-user.


Another Cryptsy user has actually gotten his funds auto withdrawn from Cryptsy ending up losing the funds, jaequery writes on Bitkoins:

So I put my money into cryptsy today and it just got withdrawn out. I didn’t do this withdraw and I don’t know what’s happening. Does it have to do with all this 60BTC stuff on the front page? I know it’s not a lot but it’s all I could afford to invest since I’m in college. I sent an email but no response yet.

To Cryptsy: Will all users that got their Bitcoins auto withdrawn receive reimbursements?

The good deed by zyxxer before Christmas has sparked the entire Bitcoin community to share their warmth and love:


[–]GSpotAssassin 118 points ago

+/u/bitcointip 0.1 BTC verify

Merry Xmas. Pay it forward and thank you for your honesty. Programming is hard and these things can happen… And as much as people don’t believe in karma these days (aka “doing good things when nobody is watching and when you don’t have to”), I believe perception matters… And you yourself will always perceive your deeds and misdeeds if no one else does

[–]bitcointip 39 points ago

[] Verified: GSpotAssassin$103.95 USD (m฿ 100 millibitcoins)zyxxer [sign up!] [what is this?]

[–]zyxxer[S] 66 points ago

Did you just tip me 100 bucks? You’r insane dude!

[–]GSpotAssassin 18 points ago

Yes. ;)

[–]gapmunky 13 points ago

holy crap! That was awful nice of you! My grand total of bitcoin is $0.98 , I hope I get to a stage where I can get equally generous! I only started bitcoin yesterday :)


Amazing people, continue to spread the Bitcoin-love!


Updated: April 26, 2014 at 12:55 am CET.

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  • http://ReachBali.com/ Robert Bruce

    Just checked my crypysy balances and low and behold they are missing. All my cryptsy balances are gone. I guess there is some truth about people having this experience with cryptsy. I even had an outstanding order that had not been fulfilled as proof of the balance in my account. Sent a support ticket just now let’s see what they say.

  • http://royalecraig.com/ Ade

    Should be an inspiration to the shysters on Wall street. Somehow I doubt it, it will just leave them scratching their heads.

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    good service for mixing bitmix4you.com
    found it there https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Bitmix4you

  • kiuk

    I just telling you tin January disappeared me, million seven hundred thousand doges, and 1.7 bitcoins.

  • http://www.cryptocoinsinfo.com CryptoDave

    Millions of trades, and sometimes something goes wrong. Cryptsy is the #1 altcoin exchange. Compare their trading volume to other exchanges, I also use Mintpal, cryptorush, allcoin, coinader and many more.

  • H.ash

    I have used cryptsy for al long time and I never experienced this kind of problems. When a few guys “cry wolf” it does not means it is the thruth. I have been using a lot of different exchanges and they all have there “unique” problems and the same problems, I’ve used mintpal.com, mcxnow.com, coin market.io, coin-e.com, cryptsy and many others. The problem that all exchanges share is the buy/sell wall that they use to manipulate the quantities and with that the price of the coin.
    The third party wallet bug exists in almost all exchanges so it’s not right to say that it is a cryptsy problem. The third party wallet bug has been know from 2011 so no real news, the only news is that most exchanges never repaired this problem. This was the reason of the bitcoin crash last week. It seems that all reactions in this thread are from people that heard from people that read it somewhere who heard it from there neighbour…

  • Oh oh Cryptsy

    Today 27 January 2014, I have now received what was disappeared.
    Waiting was frustrating, but it is back so thank you Cryptsy.

  • http://www.lifesunglasses.com Jason

    I have an account at Cryptsy, and I haven’t used it yet. With these problems I will wait to see how they are resolved. However, if you are currently missing coins and waiting for a reply from them, for your own sanity, I would assume that they are highly backed up and pulling their hair out at the moment. I don’t know the total history of Cryptsy, but it was probably started by 1 or 2 people. Since they have grown so fast, they might be up to 5 or 10 employees, if that. Now when having issues they have 1000’s of emails that each need individual research, not to mention having to deal with people that may be missing thousands of dollars actually tracking them down, and knocking on their doors. The workload for their employees has grown 1000 fold. So I’m not saying go ahead and put your money in there now, but I’m saying if you have an issue, for your own sanity be patient, you have nothing to lose at this point by doing so.

  • Oh oh Cryptsy

    Today January 26 2014, fourth day after ticket created by Cryptsy. still nothing received!

  • Oh oh Cryptsy

    Two days later and I am still waiting very frustating!!!

  • Stoled in Cryptsy

    Today Im lost 2.6 BTC, and 1200000 doges from Crypsty, I send a ticket by email, and didt respond me, Im waiting news, and other issue is, not send me a email for transacctions…

    If not respond me, i never will use this exchange, Im feel cheating and deceived.

    I do not understand, as they have not sent me any mail notification of the transaction, I
    I hope you return me the funds!!!!

  • Oh oh Cryptsy

    Same here :(

    I have lost 0,50470907 Bitcoin, no answer yet from Cryptsy on the letter Below. It’s been reported 18 hours ago. So I am still waiting on an answer. It’s frustating I want to trade on some altcoin before it raises up, but now I can’t trade, and the bad thing is the coin what I wan’t to buy, is now really rising up.

    See below my letter to Cryptsy (via the support center of Cryptsy)
    Dear Mr./Ms.

    I Have send from my Bitcoin wallet 0.50470907 Bitcoins to my Cryptsy Bitcoin address. After a minutes I saw under in the page pending. And after 6 confirmations it was disappeared, and my Cryptsy bitcoin wallet was not updated!.

    See attachment for my Cryptsy BTC address and the status of sent Bitcoin on my local wallet.

    Could you correct this as soon as possible.


  • No

    You sound like someone’s grandma or facebook man wow, if you have no experience with trading why try to then crusade with your failures, don’t like it don’t use it, but definitely don’t spray it.

  • nameless

    The problem on Mt. Gox is to get the money out in a timely manner.

  • http://www.TopBestCinema.com TOP BEST CINEMA

    Thank you for the feedback guys :)
    I am still wondering which exchanger I will choose for coins.

    I was wondering, the trading price on Mt Gox are so high, how can we have like a 10% discrepancy …at some point it could be interesting to just buy on Mt Gox and sell on BtC-e.
    I don’t like those spreads…

  • BTC-withdrawal not possible

    Started BTC-withdrawal 5 days ago. No BTCs transferred, no answer to 5 inquiries via support-tool. Still “pending”-status.

    cryptsy –> never again.

  • Don247

    Dang it. I just tried to purchase some LiteCoins with my Bitcoins. After I verified the amount, it did not show up as a pending order like it use to when I would purchase anything.

    But yet it took my bitcoins as if the purchase went through. Where the heck is my LTC’S I purchased?

    Give me my LiteCoins or just give me back my Bitcoins Crypsty.

    My BTC’s are freaking gone! I am seriously considering driving to Florida with a baseball bat and a shovel!

  • John L

    I join the list of unhappy Crypsy users. I’ve only been with them for 48 hours but in that time I’ve decided I am closing my account to find a RELIABLE site that doesn’t suck.

    1) When you place an order and then cancel it, you can be without your coins for 15 minutes until they are put back into your account.
    2) I deposited Sexcoins today and by balance for SXC was -77.0 at some point. Don’t ask me how.
    3) I deposited 65.5 SXC today, saw them appear in the ‘pending’ column for SXC and then they disappeared. No sign of withdrawing or buying anything with them, just GONE.
    4) Open a ticket to support for item above. Wait all day for a reply.
    5) When reply comes in, I’m told my LTC was refunded to me??? WTF! I didn’t buy LTC, I lost SXC so it ought to be a SXC refund and there was no refund of anything – still out the coins.

    Once I get my coins back (if ever), I’m closing my account and will never use Cryptsy again. BTC-E for all its fees and being overseas, doesn’t hold my money once I cancel an order nor have I lost any coins to them.

  • dffd


  • Inky

    Just an additional observation: Cryptsy removed the “audit account” feature a couple of months ago. Just recently during the site maeover I’m sure they removed an “account activity” box (or something similarly named).

    Cryptsy knows there is a problem and it’s removing tools that account holders could previously use to check account details.

    But it’s a good site, when it work …. :-)

  • Inky

    Cryptsy gave me a few hundred dollars worth of LTCs – just appeared in the account. I withdrew most of them on the premise that the site owes me for the money it has cost me in the past with its screw ups + the money that suddenly disappeared from my account a few months ago which Cryptsy claimed was due to the audit taking back money that had been credited to my account by mistake.

    It’s a site in a mess and needs a serious investment to make it safe for users (and for Big Vern)

  • DogGuy

    I will WARN everyone to stay away from Cryptsy. Last Saturday 12/1 into 12/2 I placed about $4k worth of trades (market orders) to fill immediately. After my trades went through all my coins disappeared, 6 hours later cryptsy returned my coins but had reversed the trade. Because they had “problems” they cleared all the order books, it caused the alt coin I was day trading to flash crash and by the time I got my money back, the price had fallen about 50%. The mistake cost me a lot of money and all I got from Cryptsy.com was a “sorry, we’re really busy because of the article in NYT paper that mentioned us…”

    Once I tried to withdraw my funds there were also issues that only got resolved after opening up support tickets and waiting a few days.

  • http://www.bitcoins-kaufen.org/ Pascal

    How can there be a negative balance? Shouldn’t that be impossible by how Bitcoin works or this due to a custom application that Cryptsy put on top of the standard protocol?

  • http://www.bitorca.com Bitorca

    Just got the email you sent through the mailing list. Don’t ever scare me like that again lol. Seems to be fine, I am sure they fixed whatever it was straight away.

  • Arteleis

    Seems issue has been fixed. Was a bout to scramble and pull all my coins but cant find the security hole anymore. Glad you’re honest!

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