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A user on Reddit just explained that he was able to withdraw 60 Bitcoins from Cryptsy even though his balance was 0. His current balance is now -60. This guy must be one of the most honest Bitcoin users out there, letting Cryptsy know about the failure and even sending the Bitcoins back. As he says, it is someone elses Bitcoins. Creds for this guy.

He writes:

I have sent back the 60 BTC I was mistakenly able to withdraw from Cryptsy. If this affected you too, please do the same. Don’t take someone else’s bitcoin. Xmas is coming up : )


We advice all of our readers to withdraw their OWN Bitcoins, and other Altcoins, from Cryptsy NOW – UNTIL they have fixed the security issue and we have proof of it working correctly by a neutral Bitcoin-user.


Another Cryptsy user has actually gotten his funds auto withdrawn from Cryptsy ending up losing the funds, jaequery writes on Bitkoins:

So I put my money into cryptsy today and it just got withdrawn out. I didn’t do this withdraw and I don’t know what’s happening. Does it have to do with all this 60BTC stuff on the front page? I know it’s not a lot but it’s all I could afford to invest since I’m in college. I sent an email but no response yet.

To Cryptsy: Will all users that got their Bitcoins auto withdrawn receive reimbursements?

The good deed by zyxxer before Christmas has sparked the entire Bitcoin community to share their warmth and love:

[–]GSpotAssassin 118 points ago

+/u/bitcointip 0.1 BTC verify

Merry Xmas. Pay it forward and thank you for your honesty. Programming is hard and these things can happen… And as much as people don’t believe in karma these days (aka “doing good things when nobody is watching and when you don’t have to”), I believe perception matters… And you yourself will always perceive your deeds and misdeeds if no one else does

[–]bitcointip 39 points ago

[] Verified: GSpotAssassin$103.95 USD (m฿ 100 millibitcoins)zyxxer [sign up!] [what is this?]

[–]zyxxer[S] 66 points ago

Did you just tip me 100 bucks? You’r insane dude!

[–]GSpotAssassin 18 points ago

Yes. ;)

[–]gapmunky 13 points ago

holy crap! That was awful nice of you! My grand total of bitcoin is $0.98 , I hope I get to a stage where I can get equally generous! I only started bitcoin yesterday :)


Amazing people, continue to spread the Bitcoin-love!